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Our work with teams come together with these 3 elements. Like a sandwich, our approach works from the top to bottom and from the bottom to the top with all the substance in between. The goal is team cohesion and we understand that this can only occur on a personal level


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Team Building
The “strength-way”

Sure team building activities are fun ,but are you wasting a lot of resources on companies that offer team building activities that are just that… fun.

The most successful team building activities should be linked right back to the work environment. Yes sure you want to get out of the office and have fun, but if you pay somebody who specializes in creating fun recreational activities with no long term strategies you are throwing money down the drain, yet leaving your teams needs unmet.

At the Identity Entity every activity is designed with a long-term strategy in mind. Our belief is that there is an “I” in team. It is “my” responsibility as a team member to bring my best talents and strengths to the table. Our activities aim not only to have team members interact with each other, but also to make them acutely aware of their uniqueness.

People tend to get along well with people who are the same as they. The truth however is that a team of people who are the same, often get outperformed by the teams that are diverse. The greatest teams are those who have different members who have learnt to work together in synergy.

Our team building activities are designed with specific goals in mind. We do NOT follow a one-size-fits-all approach.

The first goal is to develop self-awareness to ones own set of talent


Team Packages

$1 497includes
  • For a team of 5:
  • Group Briefing
  • Strengths Discovery
  • 1 Strengths Workshop
  • Manager Basic Feedback
  • Total 16 hours
  • 1-2 Weeks
  • Additional team members @$180
  • For a team of 5:
  • Group Briefing
  • Strengths Discovery
  • Strengths Management (x2)
  • 2 Strengths Workshops
  • Strengths Matrix Workshop
  • Personality Max Feedback
  • 360 Feedback Coaching
  • Manager Basic Feedback
  • Manager – Utilising Strengths
  • Manager – Coach Training
  • Total 25 hours
  • 2-6 months
  • Additional team members @$180

*Prices are estimated for a team of 5 people. Please inquire by email for a customized quote

Services Explained

An assessment developed by polling and research company Gallup that identifies your strengths/talents. The assessment measures strengths (also referred to as talents) in 34 talent themes and the results give the individuals top five. The assessment is taken online and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

An online personality test that measures various aspects like Carl Jung’s personality type, different learning styles, temperament, intelligence type and brain hemisphere. As addition to the strengths profile this test fits like a glove with the strengths profile and opens up an even greater insight into self and others.

The discovery coaching consists of a 60 -120 minute coaching discussion facilitated by a qualified strengths coach. Your coach will bring much needed clarity to your top five themes and also help determine your “core”-talent which is not covered by the test itself. This is the first phase of the coaching process, called self-awareness and is focused on identifying your talents/strengths in your everyday acts.

A well managed talent becomes a strength. A mismanaged talent becomes a detriment. Simply knowing about your talents is not enough to make a valuable contribution. Active and conscious management of your own talents are important. In the strength management coaching sessions your coach will shed light and give guidance on the aspects of managing your talents in the context of working with other people in order to really turn your talents into strengths. In this phase we start exploring “other-awareness”, which is one of the crucial skills of emotional intelligence (EQ). 

The purpose of the 360 assessment is to reveal “blind spots”. A feedback questionnaire is completed by at least 6 people who know you on different levels. Your coach then facilitates the feedback in a one-on-one session. This feedback attempts to close the gap between ones self-perception and the perception others have of you.

The briefing session is held with the group or team before the strengths discovery coaching takes place. In the briefing session your coach will cover some generic topics as preparation for coaching. This gives more time in the individual sessions to focus on the individual’s talents’ patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour 

Each strengths workshop focuses on creating a greater awareness and understanding of the different talent themes and the dynamic workings of the talent mix within a team. Your coach will facilitate discussions ranging from communicating needs to bringing your strengths to the table in a team environment. Your specialist level trained coach is equipped with a wide range of tools from which he or she will draw in order to best create synergy within the group, based on group specific needs.

Like the other strengths workshops, the matrix workshop focuses to create awareness on the dynamics of the talent mix within the workings of a team. Your coach will analyse your team’s mix using a talent matrix of all the team members. This creates the opportunity to identify possible areas of development as well as risks and short-comings when viewing the group as a whole.

Feedback discussions held with the team manager where your coach will give a brief overview of the needs and opportunities as it relates to the strengths of each employee. Confidentiality is of utmost importance in the coaching practise, so no knowledge of a personal nature that might in any way jeopardise the manager’s view of his or her employee will be shared in this feedback. The length of these feedback sessions will vary according to the amount of team members.  

From a place of in depth knowledge and understanding of the different workings of each talent theme, the coach will provide guidance on practical aspects of how a manager can use the talents of his or her team appropriately in order to obtain the highest possible performance from the team. These sessions are to ensure that a strengths based model of teamwork is supported and understood not only by team members, but also by their managers. 


The best managers today are the ones who know how to get the most out of their employees whilst also making them feel inspired, fulfilled and empowered. The need for a manager to sometimes assume the role of a coach has therefore become important. These sessions are designed to train you as a manager in the basic concepts of acting as a coach for your employees. Note that coaching is not mentoring and the differences between the two are also discussed in this crash course to coaching.


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