Couples coaching with a difference

“We are frequently making bids for connection. Whether it is a touch, a smile, or sharing something that happened to us that day, we are seeking to be noticed and validated by our partner.”
Dr. John Gottman

We are a team
our goal is connection

Program Content

Session 1-4 Strengthsfinder
The StrengthsFinder tool identifies your top five talent themes. A “talent” is described as a recurring pattern of thoughts, feelings and behaviour. This means that your talent patterns make up a great deal of how you react to the world. The StrengthsFinder tool gives definition and insight into understanding yourself and also provides a vocabulary for helping you express yourself towards others in order to establish better teamwork
Session 5 - Honour and Trust
In this session we will discuss your talent themes with your partner. By firstly understanding the value each one has to offer, we can start honouring one another for our strengths as supposed to feeling threatened by the way we differ. Honour is the first building block to great teamwork
Session 6 - Teamwork and Servanthood
There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’ “. To function as a team it is critical that all team members serve the team. A team needs clearly defined goals. This session touches on the importance of serving and creating a healthy inter-dependant relationship



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