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Wynand Jacobs



Balance 4 Coaches

“I would describe myself as a people’s person with a high value for relationships.”

Wynand likes to find solutions to problems, as well as facilitate growth with individuals and teams. His area of focus is emotional intelligence(EQ) and his passion is helping the people with whom he works to also become “enlightened” in the area of emotional intelligence through various forms of training, facilitating and coaching. He lives to help unlock people’s potential and strives to empower others to tap into their strengths, in order to become the best “self” they could possibly be.

“I have committed myself to lifelong development, in order to better myself and stay on the edge of helping other people better themselves.”

He has undergone training in life and executive coaching, as well as specialized strengths coaching. His current endeavors include courses in positive psychology and understanding learning. He continues to develop as a people-helping expert. Some of the tools he currently employs include:

  • Talent Coaching (Gallup Strengthsfinder)
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • MBTI – Personality types
  • 360 degree feedback
  • Couples coaching
  • Public Speaking
Coaching from his strengths

Wynand discovered coaching through the strengths coaching process and has ever since been shaping his career accordingly. He draws from his talents and develops them to work to the advantage of his clients in all his coaching sessions (strengths are briefly summarized on the right).

Wynand’s talent mix really comes together in a coaching environment, where all his strengths are plugged in and he feels fully alive. He now endeavours to help his clients find their own strengths and design their lives around them, in order to create an environment where they too can experience a more fulfilled life.

Brief History
After finishing school, Wynand struggled to discover exactly what it was that motivated him. He always knew that he liked working with people. He obtained his Bcom Financial Management degree and went on to working in 5 different careers over the next 4 years. He was determined to find his passion and calling. His corporate experience as a business analyst in the IT industry, entrepreneurial experience as a music teacher, managing experience at a factory in the construction industry, sales experience in the financial industry and private school teaching experience have all become the building blocks from which he now helps people discover themselves. Wynand’s short time spent in these wide range of fields have given the insights needed to really understand the different challenges people face in their different fields, which makes him a real empathic coach.
Other Interests
Others have labelled him as a “coffee snob”, as he really appreciates a good cup of coffee. When making his morning coffee, he takes time and enjoys the slow brewing process of a moka pot.

He likes to work with creative arts, such as photography, graphic design, web design and music. He operated a private guitar studio at his house for three years. He not only enjoys making music, but also loves to help others explore the wonders thereof. His wife is also a classically trained musician and they enjoy performing together with their “rock-meets-classic” guitar and cello duo.

Strengths Profile

Is naturally patient with people and excellent at fostering growth.

Creative in coming up with ideas, useful for helping his clients create goals and action plans.

Ability to see many different options and rapidly play out the scenarios to determine the best choice.

Loves gathering information and then giving out “golden nuggets” to people he encounters.

Responds excellent in the moment. This helps him be present in coaching sessions and adapt to suit his clients’ needs.

Excellent at- and passionate about all types of learning. Learning new skills and even learning about the lives of his clients.

Passionate and uncompromising about core values. Challenges his clients to do what they believe in.

This talent helps Wynand to naturally bring dependability and commitment to every “people helping relationship” that he enters.

Being highly influential in order to get people going and ignite a process of change.

This talents see’s that everyone is unique and enables Wynand to use a customized coaching approach for each of his clients.